In today’s competitive environment, education is more vital than ever. Advances in technology, changing cultures and families, and the expense of delivering education services make the process all the more complicated for educators and administrators. Each physical plant has a life cycle. The life cycle may be extended through periodic maintenance and updates; however, updates and maintenance cost money. In addition, the classroom setting costs, program delivery is essential to ensure children and provided with the proper education. On top of the facilities and education programs, there are the extra-curricular activities that drive costs up even further.

Local budgets take into account many of the costs of classroom updates, and programming and even extra-curricular costs. Local tax dollars may not be enough to adequately fund one of these three pillars of education. Whether it is a declining tax base, growing enrollment or unique expenses, each school corporation in America would benefit from additional access to capital. The capital could be used to leverage state and federal tax dollars to support local schools. Or, the capital could be used to construct new facilities. The idea behind American Dream Crowdfunding, Ltd. is not to replace public funding. Instead, the idea is to complement the local public funding of schools so that donors have a larger voice in the projects that are chosen in their respective communities. By using American Dream Crowdfunding Ltd. for your school related fundraising, you can demonstrate the community support behind a specific project.