Fund Your Blue

America’s law enforcement officers must address changes in our dynamic and uncertain society. Today, the roles of police are influenced by the media, social media and social pressures. Law enforcement professionals are not merely subject to public scrutiny, they have regrettably become targets. The changes within our society require police officers to have adequate equipment and training in order to respond to modern demands. is a website designed for citizens to fund their respective police department, sheriff department and other law enforcement agencies through a donation to your selected police department.

Local law enforcement professionals are an integral part of our local, regional and state communities. While each citizen relies on local law enforcement officers to protect them and maintain peace in their communities, officers and departments are stressed. Although individual citizens cannot reduce the stress on law enforcement officers, they can support our local police departments by contributing to the law enforcement department of their choosing at

Help your local law enforcement agency through Your donation will be sent to the law enforcement agency you identify for its general fund. collects a 3.25% fee for its services, and there is an additional transaction fee. Whether your law enforcement agency is seeking new vehicles, tactical equipment, K-9 units, specific training or communication and computer equipment, will allow you to use technology to reach out to residents in your community and to tell your story to a national and global audience on the internet.

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