Law Enforcement

Sheriff’s Departments / Police Departments


Law enforcement agencies across America are forced to address changing demographics.  The changes within our populace require law enforcement agencies to undergo training in order to respond the growth of new cultures in our society.  Additionally, the rules of engagement have been changed by social media and law enforcement is being scrutinized in the national media.

Local law enforcement agencies, however, are an integral part of their communities.  While each citizen relies on local sheriff’s and policemen, the stresses placed on the officers and the agency are increasing.  Although citizens cannot reduce the stress on law enforcement officers, they can invest in their respective law enforcement agency through community-based crowdfunding.

A visible community-based crowdfunding campaign in your community will allow you to:  (1) raise capital for an important project; (2) promote public education about your department; (3) increase citizen interaction with your department’s staff and management; and, (4) enhance community support for your department.  Whether your law enforcement agency is seeking new vehicles, tactical equipment, K-9 units, specific training or communication and computer equipment, community-based crowdfunding with American Dream Crowdfunding, Ltd. will allow you to use technology to reach out to residents in your community.

American Dream Crowdfunding is designed to utilize technology to produce fundraising results for key public benefit projects.  Plugging technology into your community-based funding raising efforts will capitalize on a low cost means of telling your story to your citizens and to people across the country.