Fire Protection

Fire Departments protect the public from a variety of risks beyond conflagration. While fires might be the most recognized public service they provide to our communities, they also responsible for delivering first aid, victim extraction and hazardous materials clean up as these services are needed locally. The equipment, training, material and support are expensive and ever changing due to technology. At American Dream Crowdfunding, Ltd. we are aware of the costs fire departments incur to be ready to provide protection to our communities and the risk each firefighter assumes each day. These services and professionals deserve our support.

Whether you are served by a municipal fire department in a large metropolitan area or whether you are served by a volunteer fire department in rural America, their needs and sacrifices support safety in our communities. While we hope that we never need their services, we want each fire house and fire fighter to have the proper equipment to protect the public. ‘

Fire is one of the most intimidating disasters that a community can encounter. Its effects can lead to increased unemployment, homelessness and disease. Fire protection agencies throughout America deserve support from their local communities. By using American Dream Crowdfunding, Ltd., fire departments can capitalize on their fundraising efforts by reaching out to a broader audience with their stories and needs.