About Us

American Dream Crowdfunding, Ltd.

Community-Based Crowdfunding

American Dream Crowdfunding, Ltd. is an alternative to traditional public funding for:

  • Cities
  • Towns
  • Counties
  • Police Departments
  • Sheriff Departments
  • Fire Departments
  • Volunteer Fire Departments
  • Schools

Augmenting local public funding with discretionary investments by people in their communities can lead to strategic use of these funds to attract state and federal grants or fund key projects. If your community is interested in raising capital, then your community should be using American Dream Crowdfunding, Ltd.

Across America people take great pride in the communities where they live, socialize and work. Community pride is visible when you see the public services, amenities, cultural offerings and schools they provide to their citizens. The American Dream starts in the community – pride and vision drive the quality of life in each community.

Unfortunately, local public services, amenities and cultural offerings are not free. Each community service and amenity, cultural offering and school requires public funding and resources, which has traditionally been with local property taxes. These resources are growing scarce in most communities and in most school corporations, while the demand for these public services are ever-increasing and expanding.

Community based crowdfunding takes its impetus behind community pride, shrinking local resources and increasing demand for public services, including schools. Think about it; where are people more inclined to fund local projects than in their own communities? Community-based crowdfunding is not intended to replace or supplant local taxation and traditional public funding. Rather, community-based crowdfunding will allow local government, schools, police and fire departments to raise money for specific projects that will impact their level of service and the quality of life in their community.

Community-based crowdfunding will generate interest, support and funding for local and regional projects from the people who will ultimately benefit from those projects. Working with local businesses, social organizations, schools, police and fire personnel generates local and regional interest in specific, tangible projects. Start you American Dream Crowdfunding project today!